Sensational debut novel Alhambra takes a big step towards film adaptation

The bilingual publisher has just acquired the film rights of Alhambra, the high-profile debut novel by Filip Keymeulen (Diogenes vzw), licensed to producer Frederick Vrancken. This Brussels film producer wants to dive deep into the underbelly of Brussels (his hometown) after the produce line including HellHole by Bas Devos.

Alhambra dives straight into the Brussels homeless world and tells the special love story of the flamboyant La Flanelle and street musician Tonio. When they're not spending their nights in the ER, they're staying in run-down hotels in the Alhambra district or diving into the burlesque nightlife. Helped by cocaine and alcohol, they sink deeper and deeper. The novel was simultaneously launched in French under the title : Coupés du monde.

'The story of Filip Keymeulen immediately gets under your skin and has special cinematic qualities. Moreover, it is a dream for every author to hear if a manuscript has a chance to be made into a film. The fact that a Brussels production house just bought the film rights is a blessing for the authenticity of this fantastic story', explains publisher Bruno Depover.

Frederik Vrancken was involved in the past in the production of Hellhole (Bas Devos), Animals (Nabil Ben Yadir), Waste Land (Pieter Van Hees) and various foreign productions and short films.




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