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Marinus tells the unlikely life story of Marinus De Farmer, growing up in 17th-century Ostend. After he was 11 years old age he sees his father perish in a terrible naval battle adopted by two hijackers. They teach him the trade and watch how Marinus blossoms into a notorious privateer captain. Until time eventually catches up with him and Marinus has to watch from the quay how his three sons leave for the Indies under the flag of the
Ostend Company…

Marinus De Boer may be a fictional character, the story world of Marinus and - originally - Flamand des vagues is not that at all. Jan Van Dorp based his novel extensively on historical facts.

When it appeared in 1948 Flamand des vagues an immediate international success and has been translated into Spanish, German, Dutch and English.

In France is Flamand des vagues regarded to this day as a classic of maritime literature. A new Dutch translation could therefore no longer be missing. 

The book was awarded the 'Prix des lecteurs' by the 'Gazette des Lettres' and in 1954 was even proclaimed 'Book of the month' by the New York Times.

In 2018, the story material was adapted by Ostend residents Peter Bultink and Sebastien Dewaele into a much appreciated theater performance.

 isbn 9789082985658 - 2nd edition