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VRT discusses battle of April 9, 1918

Lysboa (Lysbon)


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Epistolary novel 'Lysboa (Lyssabon)', Lisbon on 'la Lys', starts from a chance meeting with Fernando Neto, the grandson of a Portuguese soldier from the First World War.

In letters that were thought to be lost, Neto reads stories about what his grandfather experienced before and after the German eruption on April 9, 1918 on the banks of the Leie. You are sucked into the futility of the trenches, but you also taste a salty reverie to his Lisbon*.

The grandson learns what to remember about homeland and war, cowardice and impotence. Canfyn shows with his debut indicates that this period has not yet been written to pieces. 


ISBN: 9789082757750 - available 


VRT reports the devastating battle of April 9, 1918 on the banks of the Leie