Zorro Wears a Purple Toga [Autobiographical Nonfiction - NEW]
Zorro Wears a Purple Toga [Autobiographical Nonfiction - NEW]

Zorro Wears a Purple Toga [Autobiographical Nonfiction - NEW]


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Radically changing your life and moving to sunnier places is a dream for many. Peter Labens was a passionate lawyer with a thriving practice until he decided in 2019 to leave that behind. Together with his wife he moves from West Flanders to the South of France. Today they run gîtes in a tiny village in the Gard. Now the couple is guided by fantasy and imagination instead of deadlines and agreements.

This autobiographical non-fiction alternates heartwarming anecdotes about his new home with a look back at his childhood years in Lichtervelde and disconcerting stories from the legal profession. Glitzy Ferraris, brilliant minds, excessive parties, illegal narcotics dealings within the courthouse and that one counselor who rages like a pony while owner likes to whip out the whip. The only constant in his life is Marianne, his muse keeps his compass on course. That makes for sharp observations.  

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Peter Labens (1965) is a barrel full of imagination and drive and was at the cradle of Focus TV and digital television in Flanders. The former lawyer and media man flourishes best when he can leave a trail instead of having to follow a path. This literary debut is a new step on this path and an ode to freedom. 

The royalties intended for the author are paid in full to a good cause. 

isbn: 9789464077100

424 pages